Who we are

In KOZEGHO we have a very dynamic and dedicated team with 20 years of experience in the field, our personal staff incorporates all necessary valences to the process and helps eliminating    outsorcing errors and allowing us to adapt the standard solutions previously studied and tested, to the specific needs of each project.

Installed in an Industrial building adapted to the manufacturing process, KOZEGHO is equipped with cutting-edge technologies like 3D design workstations in solidworks and Autocad, CNC cutting mills, automatic welding machines and latest generation manuals, handling equipment and transport loads, construction, testing and diagnosis of electrical panels, programming and testing PLC code in real situations. We have also a test station adapted to any equipment produced, so we can minimize possible design errors and eventual construction defaults.

Assuming a total solutions builder profile for storage, handling and dosing of chemicals, KOZEGHO have local partners that make the connection between the users and the factory. With a commercial concept beyond mere supplier of equipment, we intend to build trust relationships and continuity with all our partners, sharing know-how, responsibility and mutual experiences in order to find the optimal cost / benefit ratio for each project.

Kozegho have a very dynamic and dedicated team with 20 years of experience

Each project goes through a careful analysis by our sales team in order to present the best financial offer in view of the purpose for which it is intended, thus maximizing safety, functionality and ergonomics of the solutions always displayed the end-user point of view.

As each request is unique, we engage our partners at all stages of the production process, and has therefore means to provide as-built 3D, individual wiring diagram of each equipment to build, cutting drawing parts in CNC milling, programming PLC and perform technical documentation depending on the end-user requirements.






We have a large stock of raw materials and components to minimize delivery times and avoiding waiting times in cases of failure under guarantees and spare parts.


The production process begins with the submission of as-built 3D, which after approval lead individually, wiring diagram, parts of sectional design in CNC milling, PLC programming and technical documentation depending on the end-user requirements.